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Pseudotsuga menziesii • Coast Douglas-fir, Common Douglas-fir, Green Douglas-fir, Douglas


The species native to Canada has 2 varieties – one of them being a coastal variety which occurs on the Pacific coast from central British Columbia to California. The two varieties of Douglas-fir occur in quite different ecosystems. The Interior variety grows in a variety of habitats including open forests with pine-grass and mosses beneath. On the coast, the forests are much more productive.


Evergreen, remaining on the tree for 5-8 years; flat, flexible, 2-3 cm long, grooved above; often sharp-pointed; narrowed at the base into a slender short stalk, upper surface bright yellowish-green, lines of white dots beneath. Needles spirally arranged along the twig; on horizontal branches, spreading out from the sides in 2-3 ranks. Resin ducts (2) visible in cross section.


Conelets borne in the upper part of the crown, in leaf axils near the forward end of previous year’s twig. At pollination, oblong, about 30 m long, green to purple to red, erect, short-stalked, with distinctive 3-pronged bracts extending beyond the scales and partially obscuring them. After pollination, the cone stalk bends downward. Mature in late summer of 1st season.


Gray, smooth, thin, resin-blistered when young; becoming deeply furrowed with irregular, broad, dark reddish-brown ridges; up to 30 cm thick.

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