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Douglas Maple

Acer glabrum • Rocky mountain maple


Douglas maple is a shrub to mall tree typically growing up to 1-7 meters tall. It is widespread at low to mid elevations throughout most of British Columbia, except in the Queen Charlotte Islands and northern British Columbia. It can be found in well-drained wet sites and sometimes in avalanche areas however it inhabits clearings and open forests.


7-14 cm long, about as wide, thin; 3-5 lobes, coarsely double-toothed with the outer edges of the teeth often curved outward; central lobe narrowing toward its base; notches usually shallow and upper surface dark green, grayish-green beneath, hairless; dull red n autumn. Stalks 3-12 cm long, slender, often reddish.


About 5mm across, yellowish-green, with 5 petals, in loose drooping clusters at the end of new shoots and along the sides of the branchlets. Pollen flowers and seed flowers usually on separate trees. Appear with the unfolding leaves.


Thin, smooth; rough with age.

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