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Garry Oak

Quercus garryana • Oregon White Oak


Garry oak is small tree; typically growing up to 20 meters tall. It is the only native oak species found in western Canada. Considered a coastal species occurring on Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and in scattered locations along the Fraser River. Garry oak has thick, grooved, scaly, greyish-black bark and a round spreading crown.


Thick, stuff, 7-10 cm long; 5-7 lobes, rounded, separated by deep narrow notches; larger lobes may be notched at the tip; upper surface shiny dark green, with a pebbled appearance; dull yellowish-green beneath, with brown hairs; may turn red in autumn. Stalk 1-3 cm long.


Dark grayish-brown, scaly, with narrow shallow furrows.


Acorns are small in size 2-3 cm. About 1.5-2 cm wide. They have shallow, scaly cups.

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