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Grey Birch

Betula populifolia


Grey birch is a relatively small tree, typically growing up to 12 meters tall but can live up to 50 years. It is native to North America and can be found mostly in the Maritimes, but the gray birch is spreading north and west as it takes over abandoned farmland. It prefers poor, dry upland soils, but is also found in moist mixed woodlands. Grey birch is sometimes grown in plantations as a nurse tree to protect seedlings from heat and desiccation.


Alternate, simple, deciduous; shiny, rough and dark green above, smooth and paler beneath; with straight veins per side ending in large teeth edge with smaller teeth, triangular, square-based, slender-tipped


Young bark shiny deep mahogany-red to blackish, thin, with prominent, horizontal pores; mature bark greyish, tightly curling in papery shreds

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