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Limber Pine

Pinus flexilis • Rocky Mountain white pine


Limber pine typically grows to be 5-10 meters tall; however in some cases grow to be 20 meters tall. It is a slow-growing, long-lived soft pine of southern British Columbia and Alberta. Limber pine is known to be a high elevation species and an important food source for wildlife.


Needles in bunches of 5, 3-9 com long and clustered at end of twig. Bluish-green colour, remain on the tree for 5-6 years.


Cylindrical to narrowly ovoid when closed, 8-20 cm long, very short-stalked, more or less at right angles to the stem; scales 40-70, slightly thickened at the tips, spoon-shaped, without a prickle, often with reflexed tips, opening on the tree at maturity to release the seeds; cones shed during the winter. Good seed crops every 2-4 years.


Smooth, pale gray when young; with age becoming thick, rough, dark brown, with wide scaly plates.

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