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Mountain Hemlock

Tsuga mertensiana • Black hemlock


A large subalpine tree, typically growing 20-30 meters tall and rarely grows more than 30 meters tall as it is often stunted at high elevations. Mountain hemlock is found in the wetter areas of the subalpine forest at elevations of 750 – 1800 m; and at about sea level in the coastal and interior forests of northern British Columbia and Alaska.


Rounded in cross-section, 20-30 mm long, blunt-tipped both surfaces dark bluish-green with faint lines of white dots; needles crowded spreading all around the twig, especially on the upper side.


Oblong cylindrical, 30-80 mm long, purplish-brown; scales thickened, broad, fan-shaped, margins slightly roughened or toothed. Cones open in autumn, spreading very widely, becoming bent back towards the cone base during winter after the seeds have been shed; cones fall off during the spring or early summer.


Dark reddish-brown, scaly, divided into hard, narrow, flat-topped ridges.

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