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Pacific Silver Fir

Abies amabilis • Amabilis Fir

A tall, straight tree with a dense cone shaped crown, typically growing up to 50 meters when mature. It is usually found in coastal forests above 300 meters elevation. In the north, it may grow at sea level. Pacific silver fir thrives in a maritime climate, where it is common in moist forests on deep, well-drained soils.


20-30 mm long, tip notched; upper surface shiny dark green, grooved, often with a few white dots toward the tip; several lines of white dots beneath. Needles horizontally spreading and curved upwards on the lower surface and sides of the twig; shorter, pressed along the twig, and pointed forward on the upper surface. Resin ducts small, near lower surface. Odor of oranges when crushed.


Ovoid-conical, 9-14 cm long, brown; scales as wide as they are long; bracts shorter than the scales, with shoulders sloping away from the broad base of a long wedge-shaped tip. Cones ripen in late August; seeds shed a few weeks later.


Smooth, light gray, blotched with white patches, becoming scaly and grooved at the base of mature trees.

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