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Red Alder

Alnus rubra • Oregon alder, Western alder


The most common broad-leaf tree in British Columbia; medium sized and grows up to 24 meters tall. Red alder grows rapidly and is often found in sites rich in nutrients including stream banks. It is restricted in Canada to a narrow band within 150 km of the Pacific coast.


Oval to rhombic, 7-13 cm long, tapered from the middle to both ends, thick, not sticky; upper surface dull dark green; grayish and hairy on the veins beneath; doubled-toothed, the largest teeth almost lobe-size; margin clearly rolled under; veins 8-15 per side, impressed above, veinlets forming a ladder-like pattern. Considerable leaf-fall during the summer.


Pollen catkins in small clusters at the shoot tips; about 3 cm long in winter, 10-15 cm at pollination. Seed catkins about 5 mm long, visible in winter in small lateral clusters below the pollen catkins.


Smooth, light gray, usually almost white with lichens; occasionally shallowly furrowed, separating into irregular flat plates with age; wounds turn red.

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