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Rocky Mountain Juniper

Juniperus scopulorum • Western juniper


Rocky mountain juniper is a species native to western North America including British Columbia and southwest Alberta. It is typically a short shrubby tree with a twisted trunk reaching heights up to 13 meters tall. It occurs most commonly on dry rocky or sandy soils, especially in moist rocky canyon bottoms, along lake and stream shores, and on dry, rocky, south-facing ridges.



Scale leaves with a gland on the outer surface, pale yellowish-green to whitish-green summer and winter; successive pairs barely overlapping. Scales about 12 mm long.


Berry-like, up to 8 mm across, fleshy, fragrant, blue with a powdery white coating. Ripen in the 2nd autumn; may persist on the tree for another year or 2; thus 3 or more generations of “berries” may be on the same tree.


Thin, fibrous, reddish- or grayish-brown, divided into flat-topped, interlacing persistent shreds.

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