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Sitka Alder

Alnus viridis ssp. sinuata • Mountain Alder


Sitka alder is a large shrub or small tree with wide branches and trunk, it usually grows to be 5 meters tall. Sitka alder can be found in the north and central Pacific regions, from central Alaska and the Yukon Territory to north California and Montana. In British Columbia, it covers most of the province except the northeast. This species enjoys moist and open areas, including stream banks, meadows and disturbed areas.


Broadly oval, 7-15 cm long, thin; shiny, deep yellowish-green; mostly hairless


Pollen catkins stalk-less, in pairs; about 1 cm long in winter, 10-14 cm at pollination


The seeds are small, 1–2 mm long, light brown winged nutlets that mature in autumn or early winter within woody cones.

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