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Sitka Spruce

Picea sitchensisa • Coast spruce, Tideland spruce


Sitka spruce is a large tree commonly growing up to 70 meters tall. It is a coastal species, found in Alaska, British Columbia, and southward into the United States. It grows along the coast in a narrow band from sea level to about 700 meters. It is most common along the coastal fog-belt and stream flood plains.


Straight, flattened, kneeled below, 20-30 mm long, sharp-pointed; yellowish-green on the upper surface, prominent lines of white dots beneath; needles tending to radiate at right angles from the twig.


Broadly cylindrical, 5-10 cm long. Scales yellow to light brown, thin, brittle, loose-fitting, elongated, broadest near the middle; outer margin, wavy, irregularly toothed; bracts visible between open scales. Cones open in late autumn, shed during the succeeding months.


Thin, broken into large, loose, reddish-brown scales; newly exposed bark rusty-gray.

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