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Speckled Alder

Alnus incana


The speckled alder is a small to medium sized tree, it usually grows 15-20 meters tall. Although a small tree, it can live between  60 to 100 years.  It is native to North America and has a very wide range. It is a fast-growing and short-lived, often the first to arrive (pioneer species). It is usually found on moist shores, stream-banks and wetlands.


Dull dark green leaves above, paler underneath. 6-12 straight veins per side of leaf. Never sticky.


Ususally clumped and crooked. Reddish-brown and smooth, with pale orange horizontal lenticels (pores).


Tiny. Male flowers in stalked clusters of catkins. Female flowers in 2-5 mm long short-stalked catkins, that persist over winter.

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