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Subalpine Fir

Abies lasiocarpa • Alpine fir


A medium-sized tree usually 20-35 meters tall; occasionally grows to 50 meters. It grows well at high elevations throughout most of the Interior of British Columbia. Subalpine fir is common in many Interior forests and is a major component of the Interior high elevation. Subalpine fir has a distinctive long, narrow crown of short stiff branches


25-40 mm long, length variable on same twig; tip rounded or notched; grayish-green to light bluish-green; lines of white dots, more prominent on the lower surface. Needles crowded, curving upwards from the sides of the twig and standing almost erect; those below appressed; occasionally arranged in 2 ranks. Resin ducts large, remote from the surface.


Erect, barrel-shaped, 4-10 cm long, grayish-brown, resinous; scales wide; bracts shorter than the scales, wide with an abruptly pointed needle-shaped tip. Cones break up from early September, leaving the bare axis on the tree for several years. Seeds abundant. Good seed years occur about every 3 years.


Smooth, ash-gray, blotched with raised resin blisters when young; with age, breaking into irregular grayish-brown scales.

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