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Water Birch

Betula occidentalis • Red birch


Water birch is a species of birch native to North America, it occurs frequently in southern British Columbia. Water birch is a small tree or medium shrub, growing up to 10 meters tall. It occurs on the wet to moist, nutrient-rich soils of stream-banks, forests, and marshes. It is important in wetland ecosystems, where it provides important habitat for many birds and other animals.



Alternate, simple, deciduous; blades 2-5 cm long; shiny, deep yellow-green, paler and resin-dotted beneath; 4-6 large veins per side ending in large teeth with 3-4 smaller intervening teeth


Young bark lustrous, blackish, with long horizontal pores; mature bark purplish-brown, not peeling easily


Small, hairy, oblong; nutlets mature in autumn, drop over winter

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