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Western Flowering Dogwood

Cornus nuttallii • Pacific Dogwood


The Western flowering dogwood is a small to medium deciduous tree, typically growing up to 20 meters tall. It is a pacific coast species, preferring sites with deep, coarse, well-drained, moderately dry to moist, acidic soils with high water holding capacities. Western flowering dogwood is known for it’s spectacular floral bracts and is frequently planted as an ornamental species. Ripe red fruits and bright flowers may appear together on the same tree.


8-15 cm long, widest near the middle; tapered to both ends; tip short, sharp; base broad, wedge-shaped; margin smooth; upper surface deep green, grayish-green beneath; dull red in autumn; fine hairs on both surfaces.


A round pink-red berry about 3 cm diameter, containing 50-100 small seeds.


4-6 white (rarely pink) pointed floral bracts, 5-10 cm long, forming a “flower” about 10-20 cm across. Floral bracts originate as bud scales. Blooming from April to June and sometimes again in late summer.

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