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Western Red Cedar

Thuja plicata • Western Thuja, Giant Arborvitae


A large tree that can grow up to 60 meters tall, typically occurs at low to mid elevations along the coast and in the wet belt of the Interior, where the climate is cool, mild, and moist. However red cedar  grows best in moist to wet soils, with lots of nutrients. It is tolerant of shade and long-lived, sometimes over 1,000 years.





Shiny yellowish-green; scale-lie leaves 1-2 mm long, with inconspicuous resin glands on outer surface; lance-shaped leaves 4-5 mm long.


Ovoid, 12-18 mm long; scales 8-10, often with a small, weak, sharp point near the tip. Ripen in late summer; shed during the winter.


Thin, reddish-brown, shiny when young; shredded, with age forming narrow flat ridges.

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