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Western White Pine

Pinus monticola • Mountain white pine, Idaho white pine, Silver pine


A fairly large tree that can grow to be up to 60 meters tall, most commonly found in the drier parts of Vancouver Island, the adjacent mainland coast and in the wetter parts of the southern Interior, particularly at low elevations. Western white pine thrives in a variety of environments, ranging from peat bogs to dry, sandy, or rocky soil. Although it does best on sites that are rich in nutrients and well drained.


I bundles of 5, approx. 5-10 cm long, slender, straight, triangular in cross section, flexible, soft bluish-green with line of white dots.


Cylindrical, 10-30 cm long, slightly curved, scales 90-160, often reflexed when dry, in spiral rows, thin-topped, without prickles.


Thin, smooth, grayish-green when young; with age becoming dark grey to nearly black and broken into small, rectangular to hexagonal, scaly plates 2-4 cm thick, separated by deep longitudinal furrows and horizontal crevices.

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