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Whitebark Pine

Pinus albicaulis


White-bark pine is a medium sized tree typically 5-20 meters tall with a rounded to irregular crown. It occurs at high elevations in southern British Columbia and can be often found in dry to moderately moist sites in subalpine areas. White-bark pines stabilize steep slopes, influence the amount of snow melt by sustaining snow drifts, and provide critical food, cover and shelter for many species of wildlife.


Needles occur in bunches of five, ranging from 3-9 centimetres long; they are stiff, slightly curved, usually bluish-green


Seed cones are egg-shaped to almost round, 3-8 centimetres long, and grow at right angles to the branch; the scales grow in roughly 5 spiral rows.


Thin, smooth, and chalky-white on young stems; as the tree gets older, the bark becomes thicker and forms narrow, brown, scaly plates.

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