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About Tree Bee

TD Tree Bee is a tree identification tool used to engage classrooms, families and communities in learning more about the trees and forests in their own backyards. Tree Bee has traditionally ran as a competition for students in grades 4-6, challenging them to learn the variety of trees through in-class resources and hands-on workshops. This tool enables everyone to get outdoors and learn what makes a maple different from an oak, or a spruce from a pine.

Tree Bee is a program of Forests Ontario. Forests Ontario is a non-profit charity dedicated to making Ontario’s forests greener. Our ambitious tree planting initiatives, extensive education programs, and decades of community outreach have helped plant millions of  trees in the province each year—and it’s through these efforts that we’re bringing our vision for healthier forests to a new generation of stewards, partners, teachers, and donors.

Stay tuned as we continually add new species, so that every tree in Canada will be a part of Tree Bee.


Tree Bee is possible with the support of TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.


Tree Bee competitions can be brought to your communities! Tree Bee is a great way to bring your community together to learn more about trees through a fun and interactive competition. Check out our Tree Bee Resources to learn more.

Research and Publications

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Images were provided by partners, and sourced through Photos are cited.

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