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American Basswood

Tilia americana • American Linden


The American basswood is a medium to large tree that usually grows up to 35 meters tall. It is native to North America and a  common southern Ontario tree, ranging into central Ontario as far north as Lake Nipissing and Sault Ste. Marie, but also in the northwestern corner near the Ontario-Minnesota border. This tree can be found often growing in large-trunked, multi-stemmed trunks along fencerows, or as single-stemmed trees within the deciduous forest. It is valued for its light, easily worked wood.



Deciduous, alternate, simple. Asymmetrical leaf base (one side drops lower than other). Heart shaped leaves. Sharp, small teeth.


Buds are plump, assymetrical, with 2-3 scales.


Young bark pale and smooth. Mature bark dark greyish-brown with flat topped ridges.


Creamy-yellowish, fragrant. Flowers hang in branched clusters. Flower in July.

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