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Ginkgo biloba • Maindenhair Tree


The ginkgo tree is the only living species left in the Ginkgophyta order.  It is a large tree; reaching heights up to 20-35 meters tall. It is one of the only trees left  that has existed since the age of dinosaurs, researchers have found fossils dating back 270 million years. Gingko is widely cultivated in North America although it is native to China. It is commonly identified by its distinctive fan-like leaf. It grows well in urban conditions, as well as well-watered and well-drained sites. The fruit of the female trees produce a unpleasant smell, therefore mostly males are planted.


Fan-shaped leaf. Veins run length of leaf, and may split. Deep yellow in fall.


Male and females on different trees. Female plants produce unpleasant smell. Fruits are yellow, round and hang in clusters, one per stalk.


Young bark light grey and furrowed. Mature bark ashy-grey and deeply furrowed.


Male trees produce pollen in clusters that resemble catkins. Pairs of green ovules on female tree. Flower in May.

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