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Gray Dogwood

Cornus racemosa • Northern Swamp Dogwood, Panicle Dogwood


Gray dogwood is a very adaptable, multi-stemmed, thicket forming small shrub that typically grows between 1-3 meters tall. It is native to southeastern Canada and the northeastern United States. It is an excellent species for naturalization projects, particularly in difficult sites. The gray dogwood enjoys full sun in wet or dry sites, but does best is well-drained soils. The berries are excellent food for song birds.


The leaves are 4–8 cm long. Typically has 3 or 4 pairs of lateral veins and are oval, light green and pointed at tip


Small, white, round berries attached by bright red pedicels


White, small, with four petals 2.3 to 3 mm long, and clustered together in rounded clusters, flowers in June or July

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