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Silver Maple

Acer saccharinum • Soft Maple, White Maple


The silver maple is a large tree that can grow to be 35 meters tall with a trunk that’s more than 100 centimeters in diameter. It is native to North America and can be found in central and southern Ontario. It prefers moist sites and is slightly shade tolerant, but prefers full sunlight. The wood is very brittle, and branches can break easily. It is widely planted as an ornamental, especially in urban areas. The silver maple is a large tree, so make sure it will have plenty of room to grow.


Leaves light green above and silvery-white underneath. 5-7 palmate lobes, with deep, narrowed notches, and coarse-toothed.


Yellowish-green to brownish pairs of winged keys (samaras), spreading at 90 degrees. Seed cases are ribbed. Hang in clusters.


Young bark smooth and grey. Mature bark grey, shaggy, with thin strips that peel from both ends.

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