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Saskatoon Serviceberry

Amelanchier bartramiana • Western Serviceberry, Mountain Juneberry, Shadbush


Saskatoon serviceberry is a deciduous shrub with edible berry-like fruit, it typically grows up to 10 meters tall. It is widespread in North America from Alaska to western Canada and in the western and north-central United States. The Saskatoon serviceberry is adaptable to most soil types with the exception of poorly drained or heavy clay soils lacking organic matter. Shallow soils should be avoided, especially if the water table is high or erratic. Winter hardiness is exceptional, but frost can damage blooms as late as May. Large amounts of sunshine are needed for fruit ripening.


Oval or egg-shaped with fine teeth


Red to dark purple, pear-shaped. Fruits are edible


White with 5 petals, flowers in May and early June

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