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Wild Crabapple

Malus coronaria • American Crabapple, Sweet Crabapple


The wild crabapple is a small tree that typically grows 15-25 meters tall. It is present throughout all of Ohio, and the upper two-thirds of the Eastern United States, especially the Midwestern States. It is adapted to a wide variety of environmental conditions, including soils that are rich, average, poor, or rocky, and of acidic, neutral, or alkaline pH. Preferably this species likes moist, well-drained soils, tolerates drier soils, and is most commonly found in fields, along fence-rows, and at the edges of woodlands. The wild crabapple is known for its very fragrant, white to white-pink blossoms that are the last among the Crabapples to bloom.



Leaves shiny bright green above and paler, mostly hairless underneath. Coarse toothed at the tip to almost lobed at the base.


Green to yellowish-green. Waxy apples that remain hard.


Pink to white flowers that are delicate and fragrant. Flowers in clusters of 2-3. Flower May - June.

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