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Red Mulberry

Morus rubra


Red mulberry is a small tree that grows 6-18 meters tall. Red mulberry occurs in eastern North American forests. In Canada, it is only found in the Carolinian Zone. Red mulberry grows in moist, forested habitats and on both sandy and limestone-based loamy soils. It is often found in areas where the forest canopy is quite open and allows lots of sunlight to reach the forest floor, but it will tolerate some shade. Red mulberry is considered endangered as it is known to easily hybridize with white mulberry, leading to a decline in population.


Leaves are dull yellowish-green and sandpapery above, with soft-hairs underneath. They can have no lobes or 2-5 broad lobes. Sharply toothed.


Red to dark purple, almost black, blackberry-like clusters. Mature in late June-July.


Mature bark is dark reddish-brown, with long, flaky strips.


Tiny and green. Male and female flowers in separate clusters on same or different trees. Male clusters loose and long. Female clusters short and dense. Flower in spring.

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