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American Elm

Ulmus americana • White Elm, Water Elm, Grey Elm, Soft Elm


A large deciduous tree; can grow to be 20-35 meters tall. American elm has a distinct crown with gracefully drooping branches. It is native to the temperate and boreal forests of North America, it also occurs throughout southern and eastern Ontario, as well as southern portions of northwestern Ontario. Common tree in the past, but have been effected by Dutch elm disease – a fungus carried to trees by a beetle. Prefers valleys, old fields, wetland margins, stream banks, and flood plains.


Leaves thick and slightly rough above, with asymmetrical bases. Veins are prominent and straight, ending in sharp teeth.


Flat-winged nutlets (samaras), hairy along the edges. Hanging on slender stalks in clusters.


Greyish with coarse ridges of corky layers. Shape of tree resembles a vase, with a buttressed base.


Small, tassel-like clusters with no petals. Flowers in spring.

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