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Shumard Oak

Quercus shumardii


Shumard Oak is native to North America however it is considered rare, in Ontario it is restricted to the southwest such as Kent, Elgin and Sussex counties. It grows between 20-40 m tall and prefers moist soils, close to water and in swampy areas. It typically grows in deciduous forests or along fence-rows. Shumard oak is considered a species at risk, fence-row brushing, field clearing and loss of forest cover threatens the species. It can easily be confused with both black and red oak, can usually be distinguished by its deeper cut lobes.


Alternate, simple, deciduous; bright shiny green above, paler with hairy-tufted vein axils beneath, deeply pinnately lobed


Mature bark dark greyish-brown, with shallow narrow ridges; inner bark light yellow


Ellipsoidal to almost round, leathery-shelled nuts (acorns) 1.2-1.8 cm long.

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