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Swamp White Oak

Quercus bicolor • Swamp Oak, Blue Oak


Swamp white oak is a tree native to North America but very uncommon in Canada. It can be found in moist bottom-lands in southwestern Ontario, in the Niagara Region and in isolated stands at the eastern edge of Ontario-Quebec. It can grow up to 22 meters tall. As the name suggests, this species is closely related to our native white oak, except its preference for wetter and heavier soils. It does not like drought.


Shiny dark green leaves above and pale and white-hairy underneath. Firm and widest above the middle. Shallow lobes, with 4-6 veins on each side, ending in a rounded tooth.


Round nuts, single or paired. On long stalks. Tip is rounded with a small point. Cup is thick with overlapping scales.


Young bark reddish-brown, scaly and peeling. Mature bark greyish-brown and flat-ridged.

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