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European White Poplar

Populus alba • Silver Poplar, European White Poplar


European white poplar is a medium sized deciduous tree; typically growing 15-30 meters tall. It is native to central Europe and central Asia however it is widely cultivated in North America. European white poplar can be aggressive, causing issues with infrastructure (raising sideways, clogging sewers) and displacing native species. It grows in moist sites, often by water and often hybridizes with other poplars.


Leaves dark green above and white underneath (soft). Maple-leaf like with 3-5 lobes. Stalks are flattened.


Capsules that hang in catkins. Seeds have tufts of silky white hairs.


Young bark smooth, greenish to greyish-white with dark diamond-shaped pores. Mature bark darker and furrowed.


Tiny. Male and female on separate trees. Flower in early spring.

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