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Manitoba Maple

Acer negundo • Western Box-Elder, Ashleaf Maple


The Manitoba maple is a fast growing, short lived tree native to North America. Manitoba maple is named for being the largest maple native to the Prairies, but it also grows in Southern Ontario and in the Northwest from Kenora to Thunder Bay. It typically grows 10-20 meters tall. It is unique among our native maples for having compound leaves that resemble Ash leaves, and is a important food source for wildlife. Found in disturbed sites, near water.



Compound pinnately divided leaves with 3-5 leaflets. Leaves yellowish-green, shallow lobed.


Green to pale brown pairs of winged keys (samaras), at 45 degrees. Fruits hang in elongated clusters.


Young bark light greyish-brown and smooth. Mature bark darker greyish-brown and narrow-ridged.


Pale yellowish-green. Male and female flowers on separate trees. Petals absent. Male flowers in loose bundles, female flowers in clusters. Flowers in spring.

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