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Speckled Alder

Alnus incana • Tag alder, Gray alder, Hoary alder


A small tree or tall shrub, typically grows up to 8 meters tall and can withstand cold weather climates. They adapt well to a wide variety of environmental conditions but prefer moist sites with full sunlight, growing less in shade. Most commonly found in open space close to water sources where they will regularly form pure stands. Speckled alder is the common alder of stream banks and wet areas in central and eastern Canada.


Oval, 5-10 cm long, thick-textured, double-toothed, not sticky; supper surface wrinkled, dull green; hoary beneath; veins deeply impressed above, conspicuously projecting below, brownish-red; veinlets forming a ladder-like pattern. Considerable leaf-fall during the summer.


Pollen catkins 1-2.5 cm long in winter, 5-8 cm at pollination. Immature seed catkins 2-5 mm long, visible in winter.


Smooth, reddish-brown with conspicuous horizontal orange lenticels.

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