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Peachleaf Willow

Salix amygdaloides


Peachleaf Willow is native to Canada and the United States, typically growing up to 20 meters tall making it a large shrub or small tree. It can be found in Southern Ontario and the Prairies, often in moist soils close to rivers, lakes and wetlands. It has little commercial value, it is sometimes popular in landscape plantings and is occasionally used for firewood or as a source of charcoal. Peachleaf willow provides food and shelter for many birds, mammals and insects. The dense root structure of this willow is useful for preventing stream bank erosion.


Alternate, simple, deciduous; blades reddish and sparsely hairy when young, dark green to yellowish-green and hairless when mature, whitish with a waxy bloom beneath


Reddish or yellowish, hairless, short-beaked, lance-shaped, 4-7 mm capsules in loose catkins


Tiny, in the axils of deciduous, pale, yellow, hairy bracts

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