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Bur Oak

Quercus macrocarpa • Mossycup Oak, Blue Oak


The bur oak is a medium to large tree, growing up to 30 meters tall. It is also the most common native white oak in Ontario, it ranges from southern Saskatchewan and east to New Brunswick. Depending on where it grows, the bur oak can be different shapes. It’s usually tall with a straight trunk but if grown in shallow soil, it can be smaller with a twisted trunk. The bur oak can survive forest fires because it has very thick bark. It can also tolerate drought because its roots grow deep into the ground.



Round lobes. Shiny green above and hairy beneath. Alternate leaf arrangement.


Mature bark is reddish-gray with thick, scaly ridges


Round nuts (acorns) with scales that run 3/4 of the way up


Yellowish green flowers in hanging catkins

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