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Balsam Poplar

Populus balsamifera • Balm Poplar, Balsam, Rough-Barked Poplar


Balsam poplar is a medium sized tree; typically growing up to 25 meters tall. It is native to North America, spanning coast to coast in Canada and grows everywhere in Ontario except near Hudson Bay. It is often found in moist sites such as ravines, river valleys and moist fields. It is a fast growing species often used as a windbreak, the buds are an important source of food for wildlife.


Leaves dark green above and silvery-green to yellowish-green underneath. Oval and tapered to a point. 2 warty glands at the base. Stalks not flattened like other poplars.


Tiny egg-shaped and hanging in catkins. Seeds are brown. Tipped with a tuft of silky white hairs.


Young bark smooth, greenish-brown with dark markings. Mature bark dark grey and furrowed.


Tiny. Male and female flowers in hanging catkins on separate trees. Flower in spring.

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