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White Oak

Quercus alba


White oak is native to eastern and central North America and is one of the most important hardwoods with its strong, elastic wood. It can grow more than 35 meters tall and can live for several hundred years. The white oak is an adaptable tree that will grow almost anywhere such as deep, rich, well-drained soils to rock outcrops and limestone pavements. White oak acorns are a important food source for many wildlife.


Deciduous, simple, alternate. Bright green and paler beneath, hairless. Leaves 10-22 cm long with distinct lobes.


Acorns in single or pairs, in a cup with knobby scales. Acorns remain in cup. Brown to green in colour.


Mature bark grey, corky and ridged. Very thick.


Buds are reddish brown and 3-5mm long. Buds at twig tips and clustered.


Hanging green catkins. Male and female flowers found on the same tree. Flowers in spring.

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