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Striped Maple

Acer pensylvanicum • Moosewood, Moose Maple, Whistlewood


Striped maple is a large shrub or small tree found in the understory, it typically grows up to 10 meters tall. It grows in Central Ontario, from Toronto east to Ottawa and north to Sault Ste. Marie, as well as the Bruce Peninsula and Manitoulin Island. It is naturally found in damp woods, ravines and on north-facing slopes in more southern climates. Important food source for wildlife, in particular moose and deer. Found in cool, moist, shady woodlands.


Leaves yellowish-green and hairless. 3 shallow lobes and finely double-toothed.


Bright greenish-yellow and bell-shaped, with 5 petals. Male and female flowers in separate long clusters. Flower in May-June.


Young bark with whitish vertical stripes. Mature bark greenish-brown with darker stripes.


Greenish pairs of winged keys (samaras), at 90-120 degrees. Hang on short stalks in elongated clusters at branch tips.

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