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Littleleaf Linden

Tilia cordata • Small-Leaved Linden


Littleleaf linden is a deciduous tree, typically growing 20-40 meters tall. It is a species of Tilia native to most of Europe, however it is also widely  cultivated in North America as a substitute for the native Tilia americana (American linden or basswood). Littleleaf linden grows in sun or partial shade and can tolerate alkaline soil if it is moist. It is not particularly tolerant of drought, leaf margins may scorch if stressed.  Many communities plant Linden along the streets due to its rapid growth rate and dense, symmetrical crown however the Littleleaf linden is sensitive to road salt.


Dark, shiny green above and paler underneath. Heart shaped, and only slightly assymetrical at base (one side of leaf lower than other).


Greyish to pale yellow, rusty haired, nut-like capsules. Capsules hang in clusters.


Young bark pale, smooth. Mature bark dark greyish-brown with ridges.

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