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Juglans cinerea • White Walnut; Lemon Walnut


Butternut is a medium sized tree that typically grows up to 25 meters tall. It is often mistaken for black walnut however, it differs in its sticky elongated fruit and sharply ridged nuts. Butternut can be found throughout most of southern and eastern Ontario, except in the Bruce Peninsula and Manitoulin Island. It was previously known to be very uncommon, but is now considered a threatened species due to the canker disease.  Naturally occurring trees are protected by the Endangered Species Act, 2007. Butternut grows best on stream banks and on well-drained soils. It is seldom found on dry, compact, or infertile soils.


Leaves are alternate, pinnate and have 11-17 leaflets that are yellowish-green above and hairy beneath. The 3 tip leaflets are the same size and the other leaflets get gradually smaller as you more towards the base.


Lemon-shaped green nuts that are firm, sticky and hairy along the outside. Produced in bunches of two to six together; the nut is oblong-ovoid, 3–6 cm.


Reddish-brown with intersecting ridges


Male and female flowers are on the same tree. Tiny green flowers are in hanging catkins.

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