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Littletree Willow

Salix arbusculoides


Littletree Willow is rare in Ontario, but one of the most common willows in the western boreal forest. Littletree willow is highly variable, including low shrubs less than 30 cm tall and trees which are 9 m tall.  In many regions, littletree willow is one of the first shrubs to invade recently burned woodland. Littletree willow can be found in forests, open meadows, rivers, streams and floodplains. It often forms dense thickets near water.


Alternate, simple, deciduous; blades shiny deep green and hairless above, paler with short flat-lying, roughly parallel, silvery hair beneath


Tiny, in axils of small, brown, hairy brats


Catkins, sparsely silky-hairy, 4-6 mm capsules on shorts stalks

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