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Canada Plum

Prunus nigra • Canadian Plum, Black Plum


Canada plum is a deciduous shrub or small tree often planted as a ornamental; typically reaching heights up to 10 meters tall. It is native to the eastern parts of Canada, it is known to be one of the few fruit trees native to northern Ontario and the prairies, and is able to withstand harsh winter conditions. It can be found in open woodlands, river valleys and pastures. This small tree produces attractive fragrant flowers during the spring and attractive fruits during late summer to early autumn. Wild forms of this tree are somewhat thorny. Do not consume stone of fruit, as it contains toxic chemicals.



Broadly oval, tapering to a long slender apex. widely wedge shaped or heart shaped.


Red or yellow plums, somewhat elongated. Thick-skinned and yellow-fleshed, fruit are sour.


Young bark dark reddish-brown to blackish with grey horizontal lenticels (pores). Mature bark greyish-brown, rough with out-curved scales.


White and pinkish, saucer shaped with 5 petals. Flat-topped clusters. Flower April-June.

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