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Green Alder

Alnus viridis


Green alder is a large shrub or small tree typically growing 3-12 meters tall. It is native to North America and can be found in Ontario in cool, wet or rock sites. This species is more shade tolerant than other species, so it if often found growing in forest understoreys. Alders can thrive on nutrient poor sites due to their roots which contain nitrogen-fixing bacteria which converts atmospheric nitrogen into a usable form for plants.



Bright shiny, green leaves. Pale underneath and with glands. 6-9 straight prominent veins on each side of leaf. Sticky when young.


Small, flat, 2-winged nutlets (samaras).


Tiny. Male flowers are in 5-8 cm long catkins, female flowers in clusters of 3-5 long-stalked catkins.

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