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Fleshy Hawthorn

Crataegus succulenta • Succulent hawthorn


Fleshy hawthorn is a small tree or medium sized shrub native to North America, it is the most wide-ranging hawthorn native to most of Canada and the United States. The tree or shrub typically grows 6-8 meters tall. Fleshy hawthorn grows on shrubby slopes, depressions, and open woods. All hawthorn haws are edible, but fleshiness can vary by species. Fleshy Hawthorn fruit are succulent and juicy when ripe, but sometimes they remain hard and dry until late in the season.


Alternate, simple, deciduous; blades dark, lustrous green with impressed veins above, paler and finely hairy beneath, firm, broadly elliptic to ovate or diamond-shaped


White, unpleasant-smelling, 1-1.8 cm across, grandular-toothed


Glossy, bright red haws, round, 6-12 mm across, fruits mature in September-October

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