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White Birch

Betula papyrifera • Paper birch


The white birch is a medium sized tree that can grow up to 25 meters tall. It is found everywhere in Ontario except for along the shore of Hudson Bay. White birch trees are often used in landscaping because they will grow almost anywhere, as long as they get enough sunlight. However they prefer open sites, and do well in clearings, disturbed sites and forest edges. In the past the bark was used to make birch-bark canoes. Removing large quantities of the bark can damage the tree.



Leaves dull green and paler underneath. 5-9 straight veins per side ending in large teeth. Leaf widest below the middle.


Young bark reddish, smooth and with horizontal lenticels (pores). Mature bark white, peeling in papery sheets.


Tiny, broad-winged nutlets that hang in long catkins.

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