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Cascara Buckthorn

Rhamnus purshiana • Cascara


Deciduous, deep rooting, small tree or shrub that can reach 15 meters but is more commonly 5-10 meters in height. Although the young trees may retain green leaves into the winter.  It prefers nutrient rich soils with moderately high summer moisture conditions. It tolerates fluctuating groundwater levels and can be found in riparian areas, wet sites and in dry locations.


Alternate (occasionally opposite), 4-16 cm long, usually widest just above the middle; tip short or blunt, base rounded; finely and evenly toothed; undersurface slightly hair; veins very prominent, 10-15 pairs.


Yellowish-green, inconspicuous, appear in June.


Thin, smooth, dark grayish-brown, becoming scaly with age.

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