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Shellbark Hickory

Carya laciniosa • Kingnut Hickory


Shellbark hickory is a slow growing, long-lived tree, it typically grows up to 30 meters tall. It is a widely distributed species in the United States, however it is not a common tree. Shellbark hickory can be found moist soils, particularly along flood plains and bottom-land areas. The nuts are edible raw, and are considered an important food source for wildlife. Shellbark hickory is often mistaken for shagbark hickory. It has the largest nuts of all the hickories.


Compound and pinnately divided into 7 leaflets. Dark yellowish-green above and paler and soft-hairy underneath. Finely toothed. Leaflets largest at leaf tips. 25-50 cm long.


Round, greenish-brown, fragrant nuts. 1-2 hanging with thick, flattened, 4-ridged shell that splits into 4.


Separating into long, thin shaggy plates hanging loosely, with ends curving away from the trunk.


Tiny and green. Male and female flowers on same tree. Males yellow-green in long, hanging catkins.

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