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Garden Plum

Prunus domestica


A deciduous flowering tree or large shrub that is widely grown as a fruit tree in North America, it typically grows 15-20 meters tall. It is native to southwest Asia however it is widely cultivated in various locations including North America. It is grown in average, medium moisture, well-drained soil in full sun. It does best in a sheltered site in moisture-retentive soils with good drainage. There are many subspecies and varieties of plum that cross pollinate easily, producing fruits of varying sweetness and colour. The fruit is edible, and most prunes found in stores come from this plant.


Leaves dark green above, prominently veined and hairy underneath. Edged with coarse saw-teeth.


Dark blue to near black plums, egg-shaped. Mature in late summer.


White, saucer-shaped flowers, with 5 petals. Single or in pairs. Flowers in early spring.

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