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Poison Sumac

Toxicodendron vernix • Swamp-Sumac, Poison-Dogwood, Poison-Oak


Poison sumac is a woody shrub or small tree growing up to 10 meters tall. It is native to United States and Canada, often growing in open swampy woodlands and other wetlands. All parts of the plant contain a resin called urushiol, upon contact it is known to cause cause skin irritation. It is distinguished from other sumacs by its smooth-edged leaves and persistent fruit year-round, which are green in the spring/summer and white in the fall.


Compound pinnately divided into 7-13 leaflets, clustered at branch tips. Leaves dark green and white underneath, mostly hairless. Smooth-edged.


Glossy pearl-like berries that hang in clusters. Green in spring/summer and pale white in the fall.


Yellowish-green, tiny. Male and female on separate trees. Flowers in elongated clusters. Flower in June-July.

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