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Ailanthus altissima


Tree-of-heaven is a medium sized deciduous tree; typically reaching heights up to 15 meters tall. It is native to parts of China and Taiwan, however it is widely cultivated for ornamental purposes in Canada and the United States. It is considered a invasive species in many part of the U.S. Tree-of-heaven is often found in urban settings and disturbed sites. The leaves and male flowers have an unpleasant odour and the spreading roots can damage infrastructure.


Compound pinnately divided into 11-41 leaflets, on long central stalks. Gland-tipped lobe at base of leaf.


Reddish to yellowish-brown winged nutlets (samaras), 3-5 cm long. Fruits hang in dense clusters.


Young bark greenish-grey. Mature bark grey with irregular vertical lines.


Yellowish-green, small. Males are unpleasant smelling. Male and females on different trees. Flowers in clusters at branch tips in late spring.

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