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Dwarf Chinquapin Oak

Quercus prinoides • Dwarf Chestnut Oak


Dwarf Chinquapin oak is a shrubby, clone forming species native to eastern and central North America. This shrub is rare in Ontario, occurring  only in three sites including on Lake Huron, Point Pelee, and the sand plains of Walsingham Township (near Long Point, Ontario). It typically grows up to 10 meters tall. The leaves of dwarf chinkapin oak closely resemble those of chinkapin oak, although they are smaller. Chinkapin oak and dwarf chinqapin oak are know to belong to the same species.


Shiny bright yellowish-green leaves above, and underneath have densely hairy, white star-shaped hairs on veins.


Mature bark pale brown and flaky.


Slightly elongated acorns. Acorn tip rounded with an abrupt point. Cup hairy with overlapping scales.

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